Our Mission

Here at Mindful Inspirations we aspire to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul, giving our full attention to help you heal, learn, prosper and recognize your true self, through the sanctity of trust, respect, compassion and confidentiality.


We believe in the proven benefits of relaxation, laughing, mindfulness and the release of your inner child. Our approach is to customize our services to you as an individual and ensure you are comfortable with every step we help you take on your personal journey.

Mindful Inspirations is dedicated to helping our customers understand why giving attention to the mind, body and spirit is crucial to personal growth, healing and serenity in life. We offer services that meet all those needs.

Watch the video (make sure to click the little music icon, it's more fun) and take a virtual tour of the shop. Come in, relax and meet Lisa, the owner. No pressure, no hype, just check it out and enjoy.


About The Owner

Hi! My name is Lisa Rahilly, owner of Mindful Inspirations and a native of Watkins Glen, NY. I've spent a majority of my life dedicated to helping people and creating my own journey. I am a Spiritual Medium, Soul Realignment Specialist, Reiki Master, LPN and Ordained Minister. I've made it my life's mission to bring healing and peace to those in need, through giving attention to the mind, body and spirit and assisting others in their own personal growth. I learn daily from my customers, colleagues and friends and I immensely enjoy sharing in their journeys. I'd welcome meeting you either by giving me a call or stopping in to the shop during business hours. No pressure, no sales pitches just good conversation and a get-to-know-you-and-me opportunity. Check out our contact page for details.


Change your thoughts, change your world

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