• Lisa Rahilly

10 ways to bring Joy back into your life

we all get caught up in the rush of life but I hope these 10 tips motivate you to make a change bringing with it a new sense of happiness and zest for your life.

1.) Clear that calendar of any unwanted or unnecessary activities and obligations, this is very freeing and makes time for other things that you do want to enjoy.

2.) Set time aside for you each day weather it is 10 min or one hour, this creates a space for you to breathe and do what makes you happy, even if that is nothing.

3.) Find time for nature, connecting with mother earth and nature will bring you a sense of peace and help you to ground.

4.) Put some distance between you and your critics no matter who they are. Critics drain your energy, and make you question yourself possibly lowering your self confidence.

5.) Give your health some time, weather that is drinking more water or taking a walk. Taking care of yourself promotes a sense of satisfaction along with a happy body and mind.

6.) play, play, play, and then play some more. Play time releases all those inhibitions and lots of happy endorphins it is a win, win.

7.) Remember you are a soul having a human experience. souls have no limitations only humans do.

8.) Slow down, don't be in such a rush. We spend our whole life's rushing take a deep breath you have time I promise.

9.) Smile yes you read that right smile a lot

. Smiling instantly changes your energy and mood to a positive state of being.

10.) Live your life as the soul that you are. In this mind set you will realize all things are possible.


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