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A unique perspective on clutter

Updated: Oct 5, 2018

When we think about the important things in our lives cleaning out clutter is not at the top of our list, but it should be. We find clutter every where; it is in our houses, our work space, our shed, and garages and it resides in our hearts and minds. Clutter can create feelings of chaos, anxiety, depression, unhappiness, and sadness. These are all negative feelings which oppress our vital life energy. Everything in our lives are either attached to an emotion, a memory or event.

It is my opinion that clutter is a subconscious representation of how you view and feel about your life at any given time. Take a minute and look around at your space. What do you see? What do the things you have around you say about you? Do they show you what you place value on? Have you moved forward or are you still holding onto the past. Do you let material things define you? Maybe you lost a love one and can't seem to let go or move on; or maybe you see things that bring you great Joy, a tear to your eye, laughter perhaps, a feeling of safety and security, or a fond memory. You need to decide what must go and what can stay.

Removing and clearing any space of unneeded items and or thoughts, patterns, and outdated behaviors will not only remove the old stagnant energy it is holding ,but make way for new and revitalizing energy to come in its place. It will bring a sense of accomplishment and a new found contentment.

You don't have to start big, rather take baby steps, especially if you are someone who has a challenging time letting go. Start with the medicine cabinet and remove all the expired items, trust me there will be a few lol. You can wait a few days and maybe check out your cupboards, there are always one or two cans of food stuffed way in the back that has expired. If you have a freezer, I promise you will probably find at least one package of freezer burnt food in there. Check out your closet, guaranteed there will be a few items in there that are a decade old or more lol. Well you get the idea.

Want to know the best part of all? The whole time you thought you were just cleaning out your closet you were also clearing out your mind, and heart. "How," you say? Well by taking that step to let go of even just one thing, you have now changed one thinking pattern, which I bet made you feel pretty good and giving you a little boost of confidence. How's it affect your heart? When we do something that makes us feel good, it sets off a spark of joy that resonates right through the heart, which in turn opens it up a little bit more to self-love YAYYYY!

So happy cleaning everyone, remember it only takes one tiny baby step to create the greatest changes. Many blessings Lisa

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Totally relate to this one! Thank you Lisa for being in my life. I feel truly blessed for that and I feel empowered by your spirit


Gary Tuttle
Gary Tuttle
Jun 07, 2018

Its amazimg what a little clutter clearing can truly accomplish! I have been able to let go of a lot of crap I was holding mentally. Refreshing

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