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Updated: Feb 15, 2023

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What power there is in this simple 12 letter word, it has the capability to raise your confidence and self-worth to soaring heights or it can crush it within a millisecond. Expectations greet us the second we are born and for the life of us we just can’t seem to shake them. The people the places, and the situations change throughout our lifetime, but the feelings and the control that this word holds and invokes does not. There are no exceptions to this, everyone has them and everyone is on the receiving end of them.

I would like to give you a unique perspective on how you may approach those expectations that are not only placed on you, but to also help you to see the truth of those you place on others. Expectations can be loudly and clearly voiced or they can be one of those grey areas in life where they are like an invisible cloud that you don’t see or hear but never the less, they are there. They are everywhere we turn, our home life, our job, our social life, driving down the road, even a trip to the grocery store creates expectations. How many times have you been a bit ornery over the cashier taking too long or get all hot and bothered because you can’t find someone to help you? Now here is the point that you need to be honest with yourself, don’t worry no one can hear your thoughts. How many times have you used the words, "I am so disappointed in you..." How many times have you said the words, "I think you should..." How many times have you said, “if this were me I would..." I could go on, but I think you get the idea. Those simply spoken words can crumble a person’s world in two seconds flat and have a long- lasting effect in many aspects of their life.

Time to get down and dirty, and talk about those constant nagging expectations that form every two seconds for ourselves, hmm “right” and we don’t want to forget those that are placed on us by others that can range from very simple to outrageously ridiculous, sometimes bordering on insanity. Ok, I'm being a bit dramatic, but wanted the effect. These are the ones that play such a huge role in our self- worth, our love of oneself, our confidence. These are the ones that impact our life’s course and those never-ending choices we must make. The undeniable influence of other’s expectations can be found in every aspect of your life. Think about it, think about how yours have affected others.

So here is the good part. It is how we choose to handle all expectations, that will make the difference in not only your life but every single person you encounter. You can choose chaos or paradise, it's up to you. The first step is self-awareness, the next is to take a deep breath before you utter any words unless they are insanely positive and empowering. Just know that other’s expectations have no business in your head or life, it is their stuff not yours. Always know that when you have done the best to your ability that is perfection. Lastly and most important, our souls are created in perfection, so there is no such thing as failures, they are mere stepping stones created for you to have the opportunity to grow and learn. Self-awareness is needed to create change and I hope this short blog will help you to take that first small step.

Many blessings


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