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Healing Oneself

Updated: Feb 14, 2021

What does that mean? Are we talking about the physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual self.? Since they are all connected it would make sense that all of them must be in balance to function at their optimal best. It would also make sense that if you heal one aspect of self that it would have a positive effect on the rest.

Healing is a powerful word that brings immense hope, abundant inspiration, and unlimited possibilities. So, when we talk of healing oneself doesn’t that just make you want to jump up and dance a jig of happiness.? Oooh just thinking of all that potential creates goose bumps on my goose bumps lol.

Question is what exactly are you healing.? I would like to offer a different perspective on this topic. I would propose to you to look at yourself in a two- part way one as a human body, and mind. Secondly as a soul that is pure consciousness. These two entities are connected yet separate. Your body is a vessel used to navigate this earth life, while your soul is what gives it life. It is my opinion that your soul is pure, and perfect in every way and, that it is the human body, and mind that allows the soul to experience what we call life.

Our trauma’s, pain, suffering, perceived imperfections, challenges, love, joy, dreams, discoveries, and accomplishments, just to name a few are what? I believe they are experiences that our soul has chosen for this lifetime. This includes feeling and living the physical emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects that are created.

Our human bodies, emotions, and scars are all temporary, that is just a fact, our time is limited here. If your main goal is to experience things and knowing that you have limited time, would you not want to have as many experiences as possible.? I have come to believe that experiences in any form are meant as steppingstones to potential new growth and your souls evolvement. They are meant to teach and expand your awareness of oneself and the world around you.

If you can believe that we are all a piece of the whole and we are connected with all things, including the animals, trees, water, and each other etc. would you than conclude that by healing oneself you are also healing the experience, and all life as a whole.?

Many Blessings,


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