• Lisa Rahilly

The Gift of Laughter

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

Have you ever thought about how incredible laughter is, or where it comes from? One proven scientific fact is that it occurs unconsciously, and all the rest is still just theory. I would like to share my own version about laughter.

We are incredibly lucky that we are born with it and it is not something we have to acquire, because it automatically starts showing up on it's own around the age of 4 months. This is the crazy best part; there is nothing to learn, nor can you ever do it wrong.

No two are ever alike, it is always unique and individual. You never have to worry about losing it, as you carry it everywhere you go. You cannot call it shy as it is really outgoing and spontaneous, which keeps you on your toes. It is never late for anything and seems to always have perfect timing. It has no judgment or prejudice, so everyone is treated equally and no one is ever left out. It works tirelessly on your behalf, never taking a vacation and is always available day or night.

Laughter however, does have a bit of a devious side as it can become uncontrollable and quite loud at times, leaving you gasping for air and causing your sides to hurt. On occasion it can cause supreme embarrassment as it unexpectedly and spontaneously bursts forth in those places where quiet reigns supreme. It does not give up easily and at times will continue on and on with all kinds of strange noises that may have you questioning your own sanity, it can be very stubborn and persistent, no matter how hard you try those never-ending and still hardy giggles have a way of escaping.

But I like to think that the benefits far outweigh the devious side as I consider laughter one of our greatest gifts and best friend. It never lets you down, it always makes you feel better, it always lightens your load, and can instantly bring a sense of relief and hope deep with in our very being. It is timeless and has no age limit nor expiration date as it stays with us our entire life. It can take the worst day and turn it into an (OK, I can do this day); It can take bad news and turn it into (I am going to get through this); It can take a tough scary situation and turn it into (I have got this), it truly is one of the most incredible and powerful forces we will ever encounter. It can transform anger into Joy, it can break those stubborn streaks, it helps you to see a different perspective, and how about frustration? Laughter eats that up and raises your self esteem, breaks the tension, and gives you a much needed re-boot, quickly and efficiently within seconds.

See, I told you it was incredible! I think you may agree that you have never experienced anything else that has the ability to bring instant healing, to your mind, body, and soul, just by making funny noises. In my humble opinion it is pure genius, and I think it should be made part of the Avengers Team LOL. So just like Batman, if you need him you turn the bat light on. Laughter is much easier, all you have to do is turn your lips upwards into a big ole smile and I guarantee laughter will follow.

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