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The Power Of Your Voice

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

I recently had an experience that humbled me to my very core and became the inspiration for this blog. I for health reasons was unable to talk for about a week and a half, at least not without severe pain. Owning your own business and being a one- man band does not allow for glitches like this, especially when you make a living using your voice.

Of course, being the Aries that I am, I just kept trying to push through regardless because that is what a Aries does lol. It was a hard pill to swallow to realize that pure willpower was just not going to do the job this time. To make matters worse I had an event coming up for which I had already canceled once due to weather, so I did not want to cancel again, as a lot of people were depending upon me. It was then that I began to genuinely appreciate how much I took my voice for granted. I was unable to do my job that I love passionately. I had to turn people away who needed my help. I had to keep my thoughts and opinions to myself. I was unable to express my joy at my granddaughters first birthday party. I could not even extend the most common of courtesies to say hello how are you today. The hardest and most costly for me though was not being able to say I love you to my friends and loved ones. By the end of day 10 I had completely changed my thought process, and long held beliefs of that beautiful thing we call a voice.

When you are in severe pain there are choices, you make to help alleviate that pain. Not being much of a person to take pills I simply chose not to speak. As horrible as the experience was and believe me, I do not wish to repeat it, on a huge level I am so incredibly grateful at the same time. What a way to learn how important it is to use our voice and speak our truth every chance we get. To lose the fear of sharing the wisdom and experience you have acquired. To freely speak kind loving words, to encourage, to inspire, to share compassion and the love you feel. It is the simple things of being able to say hello, or can I help you, to give that compliment, even to just smile at someone is equivalent to speaking volumes.

While I was unable to speak it helped me to listen on a deeper level, and I was able to find that quieter space for some long over- due introspection. It forced me to get creative, and to pay closer attention to how I take care of myself. It helped me to gain a new perspective on priorities, and all those simple things in my life that I take for granted, but this is only one piece of the whole as all things are connected.

As you know our ears, nose, and throat are all connected, so if something goes wrong with one the rest will be affected in some way. In my case I had an issue in one area of my mouth so my throat, and ears were also plagued with pain. This pain helped me to see on a profounder level how every single cell, organ, system etc. in our bodies are dependent upon the other to function properly. I have always known this on an intellectual level, and I suppose like most people just tucked that information away and ignored the significance of it.

In the quietness of my world, it occurred to me that the connections go so much further and deeper than just our bodies. Mother Earth, humanity, the animals, the water, the air, the plants, the trees, right down to the tiniest ant, or weed in our yard are all totally dependent upon us and each other for survival. As a medium and spiritual coach, I teach and work with this thought process every day, so why did it seem like some new idea or concept.? I honestly do not have an answer for that other than it was a point that finally sunk in on a profound level rather than just a generic knowing.

I do not believe in coincidences, I honestly believe that everything happens for a reason, so for me this was a gentle awakening to the reality of the true power a voice holds. It was a huge nudge from the universe sharing with me how important it is to not take everything for granted, but to respect, and cherish every living thing as if your life depended upon it because it does. To bring a greater understanding that all things must work in harmony in order to function at their optimal best. That we as humanity are meant to work as one entity alongside of all of Mother Earths creations. It must start with ourselves. When we are operating from a place of wholeness that is then the energy you will pass along. It is all or nothing!!! In my humble opinion I think we have created a world of separation. What is the dividing line you ask.? Fear and love. Fear is the destructor and love is the creator. Wow all that from losing my voice lol.

So, in conclusion I for one will focus my thoughts and energy on creating a world full of unity, compassion, and gratitude for all living creatures both human and otherwise. I will strive to remember that my actions, words, and thoughts effect myself, and all life in a very profound way. I will do my best to keep myself in a place of wholeness so that others may benefit. I will do all this because I love all of humanity, mother earth, and all her inhabitants. I Like you I am sure, want to pass a beautiful, vibrant, high vibrational world onto my children, grandchildren, and all future generations.

Many Blessings,

Lisa Rahilly

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