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Updated: Oct 12, 2020

This is another channeling session when I had asked about raising our vibration on April 26, 2020

Supporting yourself is always key. Raising your vibration is bringing your energy to its optimal operating form. When millions are in this state of being, it changes the energy structure. This is what you humans would call harmony.

The purest form of any vibration is love. Love is not tainted by other emotions, so it is pure and powerful. It all must start with you loving oneself because then by default you automatically love everyone else as they are an extension of yourself.

Understanding comes with a higher vibration and the truth prevails as your eyes become wide open. You are not an enigma but rather born of pure light. You have forgotten this as you dwell in the depths of your sorrows. See your sorrows as opportunities to bring even more love and light into your world as they are the gateway for all new beginnings.

You cannot just think a vibration you must be it and live it. We are here to help by revealing the truths that you are now seeing. We have lifted the veil of ignorance. It is up to mankind to now choose how they will live. Divine love or perpetual fear.?

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Sep 14, 2022

But what are vibrations in this context? This obviously isn't talking about vibrations in the traditional sense, like a phone vibrating.

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