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What is Mindful Inspirations

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

Mindful Inspirations is the practice of being mindful that everything in your life has effect on your life to either your mind, body or spirit. If we don't take care of all three we become out of sync and can feel lethargic, sick, depressed, etc., the side-effects are endless and everyone manifests differently.

The stones in the picture below are stacked in such a way that the center of balance in each stone is just so and they remain stacked. This is our aim here at Mindful Inspirations for you. We are all different so our mind, body and soul stack will each be different with regard to what gives us balance, but reaching harmony within ourselves will open so many channels and life opportunities. We believe it's the imperfections that make us perfect!

Stone Stacking


Being mindful is easy with a little practice. There's lots of ways to tackle being mindful, it might be as simple as complimenting yourself each day to manifest positive energy or complimenting someone else - the saying, "pay it forward..." really does create a whole lot of positive energy. We didn't get out of sync overnight and we won't get back in sync overnight, but we can work together day-by-day to learn together. I look forward to that journey with you.

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