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Updated: Feb 15, 2023

Everything changes consistently and constantly it is a necessary part of life. With out changes we would not have a way to grow, learn, dream, and become the person we want to be. Knowing all of this and we all do even if that is on a subconscious level why do we fight against change so much.? We ask for change when we complain about our jobs. We ask for change when we complain about to little space to live in. We ask for change when we just cannot seem to find satisfaction in our lives. We ask for change when we are stuck in the same old patterns, and routines.

As A young child growing up you could care less about changes you are very accepting that they seem to just be part of who you are., and as long as they don’t interrupt your play time you are all good. Then you turn into a young adolescent and you cannot wait for all the changes that need to take place so you will be considered an adult. We become that adult and seem to never be satisfied, always striving for constant change. Then you become a middle age adult and realize you should have appreciated those carefree days of your childhood where things were simple, and everything was fun. I don’t feel qualified to speak about when we reach our elder years as I have not had that privilege just yet, but if I had to take a guess I would imagine that I would ask for all those changes to slow down.

Change is inevitable we cannot stop it, we ask for it, we initiate it, we yell at it, we balk against it, we fear it, we love it. what is it about change that we just cannot seem to embrace fully, wholly and happily? How can we want something so badly and then when we get it, we fight light heck to stop it.? Are we all a little nuts.? LOL just a little humor there.

Maybe if we were to alter our perspective on how we view change.? What if we thought of change as a new adventure, or a new beginning? What if we viewed change as an exciting new opportunity? When you feel like you are being challenged, maybe see it as a new way to learn and grow. What if you could turn that uncomfortable feeling of apprehension into a peaceful calm feeling of confidence. This is all possible simply by transforming your thoughts and reactions. Isn’t that wonderful.?

Those Big and little changes are greatly needed in our lives as they bring a variety of life scenarios that enhance and enrich our lives. So, learn to embrace change rather then fight it. Learn to love it rather then dread it. See it as your friend rather than your enemy. Allow yourself to experience the wonder Aww change is it not grand. ?

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