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Communication is a simple word yet for some reason it seems to be incredibly difficult to implement. It continues to amaze me at that lack of communication I witness. Communication is an integral part of how our society functions, without it nothing much gets accomplished. I have pondered where the glitch is. I personally was raised that it was polite to listen when spoken to and respond accordingly. I was taught to value other people’s time and give them the respect of returning phone calls, being on time, and following through with any promised information.

It seems now days that being timely or even getting back to a person is not in the cards. Frustration reins on every front, you try to call any organization and you push through 15 prompts to only hear sorry we are experiencing heavy amount of calls at the moment. After three days of calling, a boat load of patience while you hope, and pray someone will pick up you finally hear a human voice, unfortunately you have now forgotten what you were calling about in the first place ha-ha, just a bit of humor there.

How about texting, Facebook, or Email. Where in all of that is any direct or personal communication? Turns out not everyone can articulate or express themselves well when writing. So, then we have the issue of meanings being lost in translation, and before you know it you have unintentionally offended someone. Are yah catching my drift? When did communicating become so darn hard and impersonal?

Communication is the foundational basis for virtually every aspect of our lives you think this would be a priority. Did we just become lazy, insensitive, or are we convinced that this type of technological communication is a step up from what we have always known? There is a lot to be said for old time values, and ethics. These were the ones you knew you could count on; these were the ones that made you feel like you were a important part of the equation. I for one appreciate that phone call, a written letter or note, and a real live friendly voice. If we want to maintain a society that stays connected on a more intimate level rather than the voice of a cold text or teleprompt, we need to make a conscious effort to change our own behaviors and encourage the business world to do the same. It is so important that we do not lose our most cherished and valued asset, the human touch.

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Jul 08, 2023
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Very nice Lisa!

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