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I Have not blogged for a bit, and while thinking of ideas I happen to ask my son “if you could hear about anything what would you want to hear about?” “He immediately responded unity.” My heart sang yes, that is exactly what is needed. I think most people would agree that unity is at the top of their mind these days with all that is going on.

Unity is one of those thoughts that I think gets put in the back of our minds most generally. It is not a constant in our lives. It feels and seems more like separation and division is more readily seized upon rather than unity. I am most definitely not speaking of politics here I am speaking from the perspective of humanity. I believe when people are united it brings great hope and comfort to all. No one likes or wants to experience the loneliness of separation. Everyone wants to be accepted and be a part of something bigger than themselves.

Why is it that we come together and find the best versions of our humanity when a disaster, tragedy, or catastrophe occurs? Shouldn’t that be every day? Should we not strive to be kind and compassionate to each other? Should we not be respectful and encourage differences of opinions and thoughts? Should we not be accepting of different cultures and beliefs? Should we not be tolerant too those who express themselves differently.? Should we not rejoice in all that someone else can teach us? Should we not be full of gratitude for such diversity in all things on this planet?

We are all human, after all, made from the same flesh, blood, bones, and cells. How incredibly boring and robotic it would be if we all acted the same, if we all looked the same, if we all thought the same. What would our world be? There would be no inventiveness, no creativity, no anticipation of new discoveries. There would be no laughter, or joy, or surprises.

For some reason unbeknownst to me us humans have always placed ourselves in categories. Categories of race, intelligence, beauty, men, women, normal, (whatever that is supposed to mean) rich, poor, middle class. Sick, healthy, fat, skinny, on and on I could go. Why oh why do we not accept each other as equals on every level? To accept that no one single human is greater than another simply because of socially accepted beliefs that have been ingrained in us from the time we were born. By placing conditions upon each other for which we will or will not accept a person is the true tragedy in our human story, as this is what creates the greatest separation.

I would ask you to take a moment and imagine what our world could be if we were a united species? There would be no violence, no hunger, no homelessness, no stress, anxiety, fear, no wars, or sense of isolation, only humans working together to create lives that had true meaning and fulfillment.

Humans working together to preserve and take care of this beautiful world we have the privilege to live in. Where a united peace would blanket the world filling it with excitement as a new blank slate arrived to begin a new era, a new way of being and existing.

WOW IMAGINE!! I know what you are all thinking that would be awesome but impossible so what is the point? It is that thought alone that has kept us all from achieving unity and the world we all deserve. Everything that has ever happened since the dawn of time has begun with one human, one thought, and someone willing to act upon it.

I believe we have the misconception that if something is not complicated it is neither worthy of our attention nor will it work. (Lol) I believe it is as simple as changing your own way of thinking and taking action. It need only start with one person than another and so on. This will create a ripple effect all by itself expanding to each end of the Earth. Things cannot and will not change until we step up and take charge of our own destinies.

I don’t know about you but I for one am a believer, and I am ready for a change. I hope you will all believe too and strive alongside me to change our current world of division into a world full of love, hope and unity. Remember we are the creators, we hold the power, together we can do the impossible.

Many blessings


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